The Wake Forest University Department of French Studies is committed to innovative, engaged teaching and to excellence in research. Our faculty represent scholarly areas of specialization in French and Francophone literature and cultural studies, in film, and in linguistics. Our department has a major and a minor, a concentration in French for Business, and well-established faculty-led study abroad programs in Tours and Dijon.

The French Studies faculty are dedicated teachers and mentors who are invested in the success of our students. In our department, all faculty – from the most senior professors to the junior faculty who joined our department most recently – teach courses at all levels, from elementary French to our major/minor core courses and seminars. The success of beginning French students is as crucial to our departmental identity as that of students in our capstone seminars. Student engagement and mentoring are at the heart of our vision for the department.

We firmly believe that the study of global languages and cultures is a hallmark of a quality liberal arts education. Knowing another language is key to understanding social, historical, and political events in their contexts. In particular, our program aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop the linguistic and intercultural skills that enable exploration of the French and Francophone world, to engage in critical thinking, and to hone their analytical skills.

The department has a wonderful sense of community. I made friends with my fellow students and found important mentors in French Studies professors.

Julia Mroz, French Studies minor (’20)

Statement of Inclusive Excellence

I gained an understanding of the way that learning another language is learning another culture. This minor has meant the opportunity to step outside of my national context into a truly global one. It has provided me with the opportunity to transform not only my perspective on the francophone world, but on the entire world.

Alexander Holt, French Studies minor (’20)

Join us for our first public film screening of the semester! We will screen "Trop noire pour être française?" on Wednesday, Feb. 28th @ 7:00pm in ZSR Auditorium. In this documentary film, Isabelle Boni Claverie explores the role of race and the persistence of racism in France, as well as the impact of the French colonial past. For more information contact Dr. Mann at #wfu #wfufrenchstudies

Join us for a French Creole workshop with FLTA Anaïs Chapuis! Anaïs will discuss the history of the language and teach you some basic expressions. You`ll be able to introduce yourself in Creole at the end of the workshop! Feb. 22 at 3:30 in Greene 311.

📣 Current students! Still undecided about your summer plans? Want to earn nine credits while spending six weeks immersed in French language and culture? The application deadline for the @wfuniversity 2024 summer program in Tours 🇫🇷 is just a couple of days away, and it’s not too late to apply! Students currently in FRH 112 and above are eligible. See our link in bio or contact Professor Anthony for information! #WFU27 #WFU26 #WFU25

Continuing our profiles of a few of our senior French Studies majors on this fourth day of @wfuniversity major/minor declaration week! Meet Imelda, a Biology B.S. major with a double major in French Studies. After her sophomore year, Imelda participated in the @wfustudyabroad summer program in Tours, France.

“I chose to major in French Studies because these were the classes I most enjoyed my sophomore and junior year. The department does an excellent job of integrating culture, history, and language. All of my classes have helped me build my critical thinking skills which feed into my other interests at Wake.”

#WFU26 French students, declare your #wfufrenchstudies major or minor on WIN now!

We are happy to introduce senior French Studies major Nia on this third day of @wfuniversity major/minor declaration week! Nia is a double major in Sociology and French Studies who participated in the @wfustudyabroad Dijon program. As a Stamps Scholar, Nia conducted independent summer research in Senegal, where this photo was taken. 🇫🇷 🇸🇳

“As a major in French Studies, my academic journey has been transformative, equipping me with valuable skills and experiences. One of the most significant gains has been the tremendous boost in confidence I’ve developed in my French language abilities. Participating in various classes and engaging in the vibrant French cultural events on campus, including film screenings, has been instrumental in broadening my understanding of Francophone culture. Undoubtedly, participating in the WFU Dijon program enriched my language proficiency but also instilled in me a newfound appreciation for travel and intercultural experiences. Taking my passion for French beyond the structured academic setting, I ventured to Senegal independently, putting these skills into practice. Navigating this new environment independently was a testament to the practicality and effectiveness of the skills I’ve honed through my studies in French/Francophone culture. This experience further solidified my belief in the importance of cultural understanding and linguistic versatility which has been made possible through my experiences here as a French Studies major.”

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On day two of @wfuniversity major/minor declaration week, meet Hannah! A senior who is a double major in Politics & International Affairs and French Studies, Hannah participated in the fall semester @wfustudyabroad program in Dijon, where she enjoyed 🍕 and the immersion experience!

“I became a French Studies major because of my love for the language and for the professors at Wake. I hope to go to law school to practice immigration law, and the department’s opportunities for immersion and interesting, useful classes have prepared me to use French in my career and beyond.”

Sophomores, declare your #wfufrenchstudies major or minor on WIN this week! #WFU26 💙🤍❤️

It’s major/minor declaration season @wfuniversity and this week we’re thrilled to profile some of our senior French Studies majors! Today meet Sofia, a double major in Communication and French Studies, who shares what she’s gained during her studies of French at WFU:

“As a French Studies major, I have gained a diverse set of transferable skills that will serve me beyond my French endeavors. I’ve been lucky to learn about linguistics, grammar, management, business communication, history, and literature – all in French. Among my favorite courses would be those such as prose fiction and my francophone studies seminar where I was able to read and analyze contemporary novels in French with my peers. I’ve greatly enjoyed all of my French classes, as well as French club events like conversation hours and crêpe making. I am now prepared to work internationally, or for a global company, where I will be able to use my Communication and French majors in tandem. I am proud of the cultural knowledge I have obtained thus far in WFU French, and I am looking forward to integrating the competencies I have gained into my post-graduate career.”

Sophomores, you can declare your major or minor on WIN. #WFU26 #wfufrenchstudies 🎉