French Studies chair’s message to students: looking ahead to fall 2020 French courses

This message was sent to all continuing students who are registered for a fall 2020 French course on July 3, 2020.

Dear students of French,

After the recent email from President Hatch with new and detailed information about the fall 2020 semester, I know you have lots of questions. As French Studies Department chair, I’m writing today to share some information about French courses. While the change to remote learning that we all experienced in March was abrupt, offering just a week for us to get ready to teach and learn in a new modality, the fall semester will be very different. The professors in the French Studies Department have thought carefully about the modality that will be best suited for each of their courses, and are excited about spending the upcoming semester with you in their classes! 

While some French courses will have a face-to-face component and some will be entirely online, all of our courses will be engaging, dynamic environments that will fully support your learning. Our professors will be working together this summer in a faculty learning community to prepare our courses thoughtfully and thoroughly, so that you will thrive and learn. Like you, we are used to small classes in which oral communication in French is central. However, we also know that this fall the face-to-face classroom, with its current requirements of distancing and masks, will be very different from previous semesters. Given these constraints, French Studies faculty have opted to teach online – either partially, in a blended modality, or wholly online – because of the real advantages offered by that virtual environment. I can assure you that, whatever the modality of the French course you’re in, your French Studies professors are committed to creating a community where you’ll work together to explore course topics and to learn, all in French. Whether in the virtual or physical classroom, you’ll be together in that special community we try to create in our classes and throughout our department.

Over the coming days and weeks, you’ll have access to more detailed information: your French professor will reach out to your class to tell you some of the reasons they’re excited about the modality they’ve chosen for that course, and our social media posts will highlight our preparation for and excitement about fall. If you haven’t followed us yet on social media, here are the links!




We’re looking forward to welcoming you back to the French Studies Department next month!


Professor Tarte

Kendall B. Tarte
Professor and Chair, Department of French Studies
Wake Forest University
Box 7566
Winston-Salem, NC 27109

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